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About The Institute For ANC Director Education®

The Institute for ANC Director Education® exclusively serves the training and education needs of Alaska Native Corporation boards and individual directors. IADE educates boards and directors on best governance and oversight practices, promotes the Board and CEO partnership, and enhances board and director effectiveness in delivering shareholder value.

Effective professional and ethical board leadership is essential for ANCs to succeed in today’s fast paced, dynamic, and competitive environment. IADE is dedicated to ensure that directors of Alaska Native Corporations are well prepared to discharge their oversight and governance responsibilities.

ANC directors inspiring their companies to perform to their highest potential may want to read Dr. Meier’s book The D’Artagnan (dar-tanion) Way.

The Harvey A. Meier Co. (HAM) and the Institute for ANC Director Education (IADE) have formed a strategic alliance with Aklaq Accounting and Consulting, LLC (Aklaq).
Aklaq specializes in providing cost effective QuickBooks accounting and financial advisory services EXCLUSIVELY for Alaska Village ANCs, Tribes, and Cities. These include QuickBooks installation, set-up, training, troubleshooting, data file evaluation, accounting, bookkeeping, and on-going support service.
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